General Info

Lineage 2 is a Craft / PvP style game. Characters progress by hunting monsters and raid bosses. Monsters drop Currency (Adena), materials and sometimes full items. The materials are used to craft full items that higher level players will need. Players will need to engage other players aswell as Lineage 2 has very little instance based zones. It is common to have to fight other players for hunting zones, raid bosses or castles.

After logging in and selecting a server you are able to create a character. You can choose from a variety of hair styles, hair colors, and faces. Players can craft special potions to change your appearance should you change your mind later.

As you begin, you can choose from a variety of races, and start as a fighter or a mystic. Take a look at classe and skills here to see what they are like.

When you have entered the game, you can follow the offered tutorial or go ahead and hunt the monsters you see. Use the chat box for local chat and use a ! in front of your message for a wide area chat. Some servers may even have the ! enabled as server wide chat.

In time, when you reach level 20, you will complete a quest for your first class transfer to a specialized class, and then complete a series of quests to choose another even more specialized class at level 40. At level 76, you can then quest to transition into the third and final class transfer. Many servers have these quests enabled and allow you to freely progress into the next class.

The items that you will find, buy and craft in Lineage 2 are all labeled with a certain grade. You may notice that the items you have upon your first start are labeled “No Grade”. Newbies and players under level 19 use items with No Grade. You will automatically qualify for a higher grade upon reaching the required level. Up to interlude, the following grades exist:

If you try to use a weapon or armor that is too high a grade for your level, you will suffer various penalties to movement speed or attack.

After playing for a while you may note that you need more power to handle the monsters you are fighting. Better items will help but you may need other players with you. It is also possible to use buffs. Buffs are magic skills available to some classes that boost your stats significantly for 20 minutes. On some servers, buffs last even longer. To help you out quick, we recommend at least the following buffs:

Non-archer fighter class: Haste 2 – Berserker Spirit – Might – Shield – Song of Hunter – Dance of Fury – Dance of the Warrior – Focus – Death Whisper

Archer class: Haste 2 – Berserker Spirit – Might – Song of Hunter – Dance of Fury – Dance of the Warrior – Dance of Fire – Focus – Death Whisper

Damage dealing mage class: Acumen – Empower – Berserker Spirit – Dance of the Mystic – Dance of Concentration – Wild Magic

Mage classes that do not deal damage usually have an attack against undead monsters. In those cases, you can use the mage class core buffs and fight undead monsters.